The boys and I (19, 16 and 10) had a truely magical stay here at Casa Tropical. I couldn't have been more pleased with my choice (off the internet no less!) and it certainly exceeded my expectations in many ways. It is obvious that Anna , Claudio and Andres take great pride and care in the way they care for this home and their fortunate visitors. We enjoyed Anna's cooking and learning about the local fruits and vegetables, and the Traditional Costa Rican food. Hanging out on the roof and swimming in the pool were definately two of our favorite pastimes.We went on the short hike fron the house up by the radio towers to Plino's wooden outlook and saw a great sunset and lots of monkeys.Everything we did was fantastic with great suggestions from Andres. An amazing experience and great hospitality- thanks so much!

The smith family  Jan 09

We're absolutely amazed with the beauty that surrounds us at Casa Tropical. My perfect Costa Rica afternoon was sipping wine by the pool, watching an iguana eat leaves in the trees above. Then as I slipped into the pool to cool off a troup of capuchin monkeys came by to entertain with acrobatics! I know my children will always remember the thrill of seeing so many animals and birds right on the property- the best was feeding bananas to the Squirrel Monkeys who came right to them!

Elsie, Jonathan and family- Feb 09

I'm Kyle Staunton, 14 yrs (ok 13 1/2 actually). Thanks so much for the great stay I only wish it was more than 3 days. We had monkeys eating out of our hands! Mom and Dad really seemed to like to be able to have my 2 brothers and I be far away from them- something about tranquility and serenity or something- sounds really boring to me. We saw amazing animals in the Park with Henry our guide, Jack liked the Bullet Ants that could pick up logs and we saw a toucan  before the guide. He also got us a fresh coconut to drink. Mom and Dad just read books while we played in the ocean- boring! Anna made us a great dinner of Mahi Mahi, some fish we don't have in Minesota. Plus she made some civiche from the fish and lime juice- outstanding and I'm going to try and make it when I get home. April 09

For 2 overworked parents and 2 students both finishing a rigorous year of study Casa Tropical was perfect! We most enjoyed the quiet, and sleep- no phones, internet, tv, pets, work, or scheduals to meet. It was pure relaxation! Wonderful night noises, the whir of fans, open windows and the morning birds to wake up by. It was the first experience for us returning home for meals each night. A real treat for a Mom on vacation. We eat out a lot and we are a "cooking family" but we loved having Anna cook for us.

The Martin Familly  June 09

We feel we stumbled on to a real gem with Casa Tropical!! The house was perfect for our 2 kids and us. The real benifit is Anna, claudio and Andres taking care of us and the house. We started our visit with a huge storm- no  power for 2 hrs., but Anna and Andres helped us feel safe- and stopped everything to cook us diner- delicioso! And they were cooking in the dark by candle light no less. Don't ever sell this place-we want to come back!

The Fieweger Family Aug 09

We are leaving Casa Tropical today and our kids are sad for 2 reasons: 1-Because they had an amazing week here, swimming in the pool, tours: canopy, Nat. Park, swimming in the pool, walking the long beaches, exploring the farmers market in Quepos on Sat. morning, oh and did I mention swimming in the pool? 2- they are sad because they didn't see monkeys at the house. Anna said the monkeys came by after we left for tours, but she told us that it might be that they didn't like the constant screaming and yelling (in joy ofcourse- what us loud?), Anyway we could not have had a more wonderful week. Andres set us up with the best tours and Anna's cooking was wonderful (good as the top=notched restaurants we went to).  PS- just as I'm finishing this up a whole bunch of white faced monkeys went by. I think they were laughing at us. Plus I couldn't get my packed camera out to record their vist.

The Melvilles  Oct 09

We had a wonderful week-caught a sail fish on the fly, and Dorado, canopy tour, Nat. Park tour etc, but  I think that one of the enduring pleasures has been sitting on the roof terrace at 6 AM a cup of coffee and binoculars, watching the surrounding foliage come to life. On the first morning we watched an ant-eater making his way across the tree tops. Another pleasure has been getting to know Anna, Andres and Claudio. She is intelligent, precptive and incidently a very gifted cook and gardener. Andres helped to point out bats, sloths and monkeys as well as helping us with great tours.

The Plimptons  Dec 09

I just want to tell you what a fabulous time we had at your lovely home in Manuel Antonio. It was better than expected. The home is gorgeous and decorated so beautiful. Anna and Andres were more than helpful. She cooked for us every night, too. What lovely people! You are so lucky to have them watching over the place. My girls loved the iguanas that live in the roof top and monkeys and a sloth came right through the yard one afternoon. It is truly a magical place. Pura Vida!!
- The Kellog's  April 09

"Words escape us to adequately describe our visit to Costa Rica and the paradise found at Casa Tropical. Our stay was overwhelmingly perfect. We cooked, swam, explored, watch the daily troop of monkeys, iguanas, birds and butterflies, listened to music, met on the roof for sunset and were quite spoiled by weeks end. We are most anxious to return and cannot imagine a more beautiful spot to come back to."
-Cheri and Steve  Feb 09

"We had a wonderful time in Costa Rica. Your house is lovely. My son learned to swim in your pool, and he was diving by the end of the holiday. The kids have rated it the best holiday ever. We had a perfect mix of adventure and R&R. We went white
water rafting with Iguana Tours. They were great. We went to Isia Damas. We saw monkeys, sloths, and boas. Thanks again. We'll be back at some point. We can see why you love it there so much. It's a wonderful spot."
-Les and Lydia

"We just returned from Costa Rica and wanted to let you know how great we thought the house was. Your house is so beautifully maintained and the art and architecture so aligned with the setting."
-Jennifer and Jerry 2011

If you want a bird's eye view of the rainforest canopy, Casa Tropical is the place for you. Three levels of beautiful living in this spectacular house in the middle of one acre of lovingly landscaped gardens. The third level becomes your observation deck for all this amazing ecosystem of Costa Rica's plants and animals. Our breakfast club this visit were 14 titi monkies all just trying to get a little taste of banana on our patio. The most wonderful part of our visit was our time spent in the house with ana, Claudio and andres who shared their knowledge of Costa Rica, prepared the most wonderful meals and made sure that our visit at Casa Tropical would be the best one ever and it was. Casa Tropical is a gateway to all the activites in the Manuel antonio area, close to tours, restaurants and all the entertainment that this area of Costa Rica has to offer. Carol Feb.2011 Dear Steve and family, Thank you for opening your house to visitors like us. We truly appreciated the time we spent there, and we were all really sad to leave. Your beautiful home is like an art gallery - we loved your and your daughter's paintings very much, not to mention the ones you did together! Your wife's gardens are stunning, and attracted so many butterflies and hummingbirds. We felt relaxed and very much at home-- you have created a very peaceful place. Our children had such a great time hanging out in the pool, reading in the hammocks, and checking out all the wildlife, that it took them 6 days to ask if there was a TV in the house! Speaking of wildlife, we were greeted by toucans when we arrived, met the iguanas and the tiny boa that live in the roof, spent an entire afternoon with 15 or more titis tearing around all the trees and jumping from the roof, were visited by an enormous green snake (more than 2 m long!), and spotted lots of different frogs, and many other birds. Gorgeous blue and green parrots were there to say good bye on Wednesday morning. Hannia, Claudio and Andres were so generous with us. Hannia taught me how to make Ceviche, pollo con salsa, torta de yuca, patacones, and taught my daughter Clare how to make the best guacamole. When we arrived, she took our laundry from our first four days in CR, and told me that I was on vacation, so "no laundry for me". I warned her that we had just spent two days on a farm in Monteverde, but she just laughed and took the clothes anyway. We had a few special evenings hanging out with Andres drinking Imperial, and getting the details on all the birds and reptiles visiting the house. I don't have to tell you that of course he set us up with the best guides in the area, and tours that suited us perfectly. My husband and I both read your book and we loved it. You're such an entertaining writer! Reading your book early in our stay helped us enjoy and appreciate the area so much, as we recognized businesses, towns and rivers that were part of your adventures. It was also very special and unique to learn about the family that built the home we had the privilege of occupying. I just bought my own copy, and re-reading it will let us relive this perfect vacation until we can come back again! Thanks again, from our family to yours. Catriona and Geraud, Fiona, Clare and Julien. Aug 2012
">Hi Steve,

Just wanted you to know how very much we are enjoying your beautiful house. It is obviously a place that a lot of love has gone into.  You and Mary Lou have created a veritable Eden here.
 Ana and Andreas have taken very good care of us. Andreas hooked us up with Henry who has guided us through MA park and also taken us to Rainmaker, which was breath-taking. Everything has been perfect and we are already planning our next trip here. Would love to come back and stay longer next time. Possibly two weeks. We would definitely want to come back here so you may be hearing from me again in the not too distant future. 
Take care and THANK YOU for sharing your home with us. 

Sam and Mike Marshall May 2014 For more recent guest comments, go to the link for HomeAway/VROB vacation rentals : https://admin.vrbo.com/haod/321.19078/reviews.html